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Accident Recovery

Trust Jerry Pitcock 24HR Wrecker Service to take good care of your car if it has been in an accident or needs a recovery. Our drivers have the equipment and training to recover your vehicle without further damage. We also specialize in deep ravine recoveries and other unusual situations where long reach special rigging is required. We can also unload or load your car into a truck, moving van or container.


Jerry Pitcock 24HR Wrecker Service also provides secure storage for your vehicle after an accident.


Frequently Asked Questions about Accident Recovery and Towing Services


Q: Should I consider keeping my car at Pitcock's Wrecker after an accident?


A: Yes, provided you have full-coverage insurance. We will store your vehicle and its contents at our facility. After an accident, the towing and storage fee would be billed directly to your insurance company so you would avoid any out-of-pocket expenses. The adjuster can inspect the car at our premises and have the vehicle taken to a repair facility of your choice all without any hassle or inconvenience to you. This also saves you from having to park an unsightly wrecked vehicle at your home, possibly leaking fluids and creating a hazardous situation.


Q: My vehicle is in a ditch/upside down/in water/stuck in a tree…


Whether you couldn’t resist testing that new SUV or simply slipped off your driveway, we have the equipment to recover your vehicle from these difficult situations. (See examples in our picture gallery)