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We provide 24-hour lockout service if you ever lock your keys in the car.


Frequently Asked Lockout Service Questions


Q: Do you charge for unlocking vehicles that have children or pets locked inside?


A: NO. On many occasions we have unlocked vehicles that a handicap or injured person were locked inside also. If a person or animal is locked inside we will unlock vehicle at NO charge.


Q: Why should I call for professional assistance to unlock my car?


A: Autos are increasingly complicated and an unskilled person can damage your vehicle’s internal wiring, locks and side impact airbags. Our staff are trained, and carry specialized tools to quickly and safely unlock your car.


Q: Can you unlock my car which has electronic locks, car alarm and/or side-impact airbags?


Yes. Our drivers have the training and the tools to handle electronic locks, car alarms and/or side-impact airbags.